Purchase of Fairhills bus

With the advent of the Fairtrade Fairhills initiative, the acquisition of a dedicated Fairhills bus has been a tremendous help/improvement for current and future staff. The Fairhills bus helps staff getting to and from work as well as utilising the bus for interesting and educational experiences for staff members.

Create entrepreneurial initiatives

The Fairtrade Fairhills initiative helps encourage and grow young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Training programmes teach concepts, ideas and practical methods for improving business skills and growing a business. The training programmes help foster a new and positive emerging market of well taught and eager beusiness people.

adult literacy program

Staff and community members can benefit from adult literacy programmes which help teach and educate people in the area. Learning to read and write effectively helps with confidence, intelligence and general positivity in both family and community environments. The Fairhills initiative is a leader in this form of education in the area.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

An alcohol rehabilitation programme has been established to help local community members reintroduce themselves into a healthier and more work compatible mode. This programme is aimed at assisting the community on how to deal with current problems as well as helping to minimise future alcoholism. This is a social problem which is prevalent in the farming communities and the programme is helping control and eliminate the spread of the disease.

Housing Renovation Program

As a direct result of the Fairtrade Fairhills project and in alignment with the nurturing and bettering of the community from Origin Wine, there is a strong focus on improving and renovating the housing for both the staff and community in the area. Part of the overall aim and ambition of the inititive is to help positively grow the community and its members. By ensuring that there is continued housing improvements, this can only add to the improvement and upliftment process.

mobile medical unit

Fairtrade Fairhills is proud to offer a mobile medical unit which not only takes care of staff but also the greater community. This mobile service allocates immediate healthcare and support and dedicated areas in and around the community. This is especially useful to older members of the community as well as the sickly. This affords the community members the opportunity to benefit from professional healthcare without having to worry or stress about transport and/or costs. A fantastic and necessary initiative.

Dedicated Health Post

In order to help improve the overall healthcare and assessments of sicknesses, injuries and/or ailments, the initiative has created a dedicated health post for staff and community members. This health post aims at attending to medical problems at a micro level, but assists majorly by eliminating transport and cost issues of getting to often far out major hospitals.